On June 2, 2017, the "DUMIAO - QUNAR.com 'Naquhua (Take and Spend)' Phase I Instalment Purchases ABS Special Project" was officially launched and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

PINTEC is an intelligent financial services technology platform using big data and digital technologies to provide effective financial solutions for consumers and small businesses. DUMIAO, one of PINTEC's wholly owned brands and solutions provider of intelligent credit services, took the lead on this project. What sets this project apart is that this is the first project with Independent credit technology services provider acting as the initiator and leader, and at the same time also being the asset service provider. The issuing scale is CNY 245 million.

The FenXun team was led by partners Jianzhao Wang and Guangshui Yang, supported by associates Hui Lai, Ming Zhang, Junnan Shi, Zhenyang Cheng, Yuan Guo and Wentao Weng.